When Veggie
Becomes Tasty

Sunkrisps is helping people in urban cities around the globe to eat vegetables, easily and tasty. |
Sunkrisps membantu masyarakat perkotaan di seluruh dunia untuk makan sayur dengan mudah dan enak.

About Us

SUNKRISPS focus is helping urban people to eat vegetables easily and tasty, by srving the finest quality of healthy vegetable-based snacks to customers.

Sunkrisps always ensures the vegetables are grown organically and always processed on the same day with delivery, with high standard and procedures in Sunkrisps production facility in Bogor, West Java.

All of Sunkrisps products are Gluten-Free and Vegan friendly. Through Sunkrisps, there is a pair of goodness and benefits. Sunkrisps’ product quality is very compatible to its slogan "When Veggie becomes Tasty". Kale is just a beginning of vegteable-based snacks from Sunkrisps.

SOCIAL VALUE. Aside of helping people to daily consume vegetables, Sunkrisps is also aiming to open more land for local organic farmers to grow vegetables, as well as provide employment to young graduates of vocational school, giving them better quality of living.

Sunkrisps’ big dream is to have a full-integrated organic farm,as a farming educational center for family and children.

Step 1

Vegetables are grown organically by local farmers nearby Bogor, West Java

Step 2

Harvested in the morning and delivered right away, to give you the finest quality of vegetables

Step 3

Carefully washed with filtered water, one leaf at a time, ensure the food safety process

Step 4

With additional of secret recipe of spices, Vegetables are dehydrated in low temperature (below 50 degC) to maintain the nutrition.

Step 5

Dehydrated Veggie Chips are packed with hygienic standard in Sunkrisps production facility.


Made from Organic Vegetables, with Organic/natural local ingredients, makes Sunkrisps products are irresistible! It is Gluten Free and Vegan friendly :) Sunkrisps products begin with Organic Kale-based, and more vegetables are coming!

Raw (Dehydrated), Vegan
No MSG & Presevatives
Gluten Free
Serving Suggestion

Organic Kale, Cashew, Nutritional Yeast, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Paprika.

"How to Eat?"

Enjoy as snack!


or any kind of food you can think!
Serving Suggestion

Enjoy as a snack-to-go, meal toppings, or any kind of food you can think!


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